We provide courses and programs for individuals and families to be deeply ROOTED in their faith, THRIVE in their God-given purpose and FLOURISH in their Families

The Families Arising Youniversity HQ
is a large home that houses Other Academies:

ROOTED Youniversity, Junior Youniversity, Mom Youniversity, Dad Youniversity

The Families Arising Youniversity...

Equips Individuals And Families To Be Deeply Rooted, Thrive And Flourish

Empowers Parents And Children To Grow Deep Roots In Their Relationship With God As They Follow Jesus Through Discipleship

Empowers Fathers And Mothers With The Resources To Nurture Their Marriages

Elevates The Knowledge Fathers And Mothers Need To Raise Godly Children

Enriches The Call Of God By Helping Individuals and families To Thrive In God's Kingdom Agenda

Our Family Youniversity Programs

At Families Arising Youniversity, our focus is on empowering the whole family.

We provide resources through two categories of Monthly or Annual membership plans:

Individual Membership Plans

Our Individual Membership plan offers you access to any bundle of your choice within the four streams we have for Moms, Dads, Kids, Teens & Youth. When you purchase an individual membership, you have continued access to your preferred bundle for the duration of your membership. 

Our individual membership bundle access offers individual membership options for any of the following programs:

  • ROOTED Youniversity Programs
  • Mom Youniversity Programs
  • Dad Youniversity Programs
  • Junior Youniversity Programs

All-Access Membership Plan

Our  All-Access Membership plan offers you access to all courses and programs for Moms, Dads, Kids, teens & Youth. When you purchase a family membership, you have continued access to your family bundle for the duration of your membership.

Our all-access membership bundle access offers full access to all membership programs and courses in Families Arising Youniversity HQ for:

  • ROOTED Youniversity Programs
  • Mom Youniversity Programs
  • Dad Youniversity Programs
  • Junior Youniversity Programs


Mom Youniversity offers courses to mothers on Motherhood, Marriage, Parenting & Purpose


Dad Youniversity offers courses to dads on Faith, Fatherhood, Marriage and Parenting


Junior Youniversity offers courses to kids, teens and young adults on faith, purpose, character building and leadership


ROOTED Youniversity offers courses to men and women on faith, discipleship, ministry life, kingdom living and fulfilling God’s mission to us as believers.

Our Students Say


Structured Learning System

With our structured learning system here at FAMILIES ARISING YOUNIVERSITY each student is equipped with a systematic and sequential mode of learning that equips you for a deeper level of growth and maturity as a disciple.

Access to Accountability Systems

We find that spiritual growth, learning and maturity are accelerated through learning together in a community. This is why one of our strongest systems is a community of lifelong learners to support you and your spiritual growth journey here at FAMILIES ARISING YOUNIVERSITY.

Access to Our Team of Mentors

Our Team of Mentors and instructors are firebrand, seasoned men and women who, through their experience, teaching and instruction, mentor you, help you to grow. With their guidance, they give you the tools you need to develop spiritual maturity and fortitude, keeping you ROOTED and GROUNDED in God's word as a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ.

“My greatest challenge was being intimate and spending quality time with God. After the intimacy and fellowship class, I realize that spirituality is the totality of my life and I am to live the different areas of my life (marriage, parenting, career, ministry, academic) from my spiritual core. I am to do life from my union with God by being constantly God-conscious, God-minded, and having God-engagements.”



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